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Sangers Deli - The Next Layer


"Sangers" - in the simplest slang terms, means sandwiches.

But to us, it’s something more than that.

It’s an opportunity.
It’s a vision.
It’s a food and drink community.

Let's be honest, a supermarket meal deal is truly one of the saddest eating experiences on this planet. Couple that with a frozen pizza and we really need to have a word. Your time, money and eating enjoyment is better than £5 worth of soggy, bland, generic food. "Less is never more" is plastered on our walls for good reason. If you've ever left our humble archway with even the slightest resemblance of hunger, we haven't done our job. Our mission has 4 parts: 

1. To show people how incredible a sandwich can be, when done with the best locally sourced ingredients.

2. Introduce the Detroit style pizza to the people of Worcester (and beyond).

3. Build a food and drink community in our little corner of food heaven.

4. Make sure no-one ever leaves our arch hungry.

So far, the first 7 months have been an incredible journey. A plethora of 5 star reviews, many sandwiches, many pizzas, plenty of satisfied customers and important lessons learnt along the way. 

Opening amidst a pandemic was always going to be a challenge, but it was one we faced head on. Covid is far from gone, but we are determined to continue on our mission for you all. That's why we started this crowdfunding page. The lack of support in the hospitality industry, particularly for new businesses, has been an obstacle we've been fighting valiantly against so far. However we've now hit a point where we need some assistance if we are to continue the path we're on. We're desperate to make your experience at Sangers even better, every single visit. Not just that, but want you to become a part of the Sangers journey. The money raised will go towards:

- Upstairs renovations; meaning we can fit more of the Sangers family in each daily service, as well as creating a space that can be rented for meetings, parties or private events.

- Expanding the deli to include homemade products; meaning our own homemade sauces, jams, oils, pickles and much more can join our favourite local products on our shelves for you to enjoy.

- Finishing the remaining works on the shop; although we have been open and able to accommodate customers, there are some outstanding works that will hugely improve the Sangers experience for everyone.

We will be building a founders staircase to celebrate those who have joined us on this journey, to celebrate the opening of the upstairs area. So at the very least, your name will be part of Sangers history for years to come.

We try our best to make each and every person who enters our building feel like family, and that will never change. With your donation, you aren't just investing in us, you're investing in all of our local suppliers, the independent food industry of Worcester, and ultimately, some damn good scran.

Expanding at this period of uncertainty doesn't come without its risks, but your support since we've opened has given us proof of concept, and we know that these improvements will take us to the next level, thus improving the Sangers experience for one and all. 

Thank you all.

Ethan, Niall and John

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